Asset Management

The Asset Management Division focuses on the long-term financial health of the organization by overseeing property performance, maximizing returns and aiding in the decision-making process regarding potential acquisitions and dispositions. Our powerhouse team of professionals examines, evaluates and implements programs to build value and ensure prosperity for both our own properties, as well as those of select third-party clients.

These skilled individuals work hand-in-hand with multiple departments while overseeing property managers, property accountants, lease administrators and leasing agents. They employ creative problem-solving in order to increase each property’s net operating income. They additionally work with a conglomerate of specialists, including attorneys, accountants, architects, engineers, construction managers, security consultants, energy consultants, tax specialists and appraisers. Analyzing input from all of these entities allows the team to make recommendations for improving cash flow and maximizing value. They are involved at the onset of any new development project providing valuable insight from an operational viewpoint.

Through an efficient balance of budgeting, stringent financial management, operating expense analysis, real estate tax and insurance reviews, capital improvements, energy management programs, lease analysis, tenant and vendor relations, and market awareness, the Asset Management team determines ways to continually increase the profitability of the properties under their stewardship. Their ongoing objective is to ensure that the property performance exceeds expectations.